From Our Farm to Your Soul

Pono Farm Soul Kitchen serves up handcrafted refined and creative takes on Japanese-influenced comfort food. Our menu features the fine meats sourced from animals raised on our farm in Central Oregon, bringing new meaning to the phrase "made from scratch."

Our farm provides the premium pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken eggs featured on our menus. The animals are raised slowly and naturally and never administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. Our Wagyu and Red Angus beef are fed a diet of premium grass and hay grown without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides.  Our "Old World" hogs and hens are also free to roam on pasture, where they can root and forage freely and are fed a premium plant-based diet.  

Rounding out the menu are fresh seafood selections sourced from the Pacific Coast and aquaculture farms that share our principles of sustainable farming and quality. Gratefully, the local region produces a bounty of the finest produce, fruits, and mushrooms, and we are fortunate enough to source with the seasons from our partners at the local farmers markets.  

Menus are printed daily, as we are always presenting new creative dishes utilizing different cuts from the entire animal. Dinner service showcases our Josper Oven, where meats and vegetables are grilled over live charcoal and applewood. Our cured and smoked meats lend a unique flavor profile to many dishes at dinner, and are often featured on our lunch, brunch, and happy hour menus as well. 



Vince Tien: Executive Chef

Juan Avila: Sous Chef

Yasu Tabita: Sushi Chef


We are a farm-to-table operation, and would like to show our appreciation for the folks who make it possible to put our food on your table:

Nakato Land & Cattle (aka Pono Farm)

Farm Manager Kelly Auernig: producer of beef and pork

Pono Farm Butcher Shop in Bend: butchering and meat processing

Cole and Kohana Nakato: pasture raised eggs

DeNoble Farms: seasonal vegetables

Groundwork Organics: seasonal vegetables & fruits

Gathering Together Farm: seasonal vegetables & fruits

Baird Family Orchards: seasonal fruits

Grand Central Bakery: fresh-baked breads

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