Our Processed Meats

Pono Farm & Fine Meats also features a selection of smoked meats and items that have had time to cure. We like to take it one step further by processing our meats into a finished products.  Our shop utilizes two smokers that work around the clock burning Apple & Cherry Wood imparting authentic smoke flavor while slowly cooking our meats. 

Our shop specializes in producing several types of bacon from different parts of the hog including the Belly(traditional), Jowl(richer flavor), and Shoulder(leaner); depending on your preference.  We also offer a rotating selection of smoked sausages as well as smoked hams brined in apple cider.  Other favorites often found in the shop are smoked pulled pork, beef and pork jerky, pastrami, smoked brisket, ham hocks, lard, etc.  We like to offer our customers a variety of  items to take home and use in their kitchen.