Our Beef

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Cow Cow-1


  • Chuck Roast- Braise; Roast
  • Chuckeye Steak- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Denver Steak- Grill; Yakiniku; Hot Pot
  • Flatiron- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Crossrib Steak- Marinate & Grill
  • Country Style Rib- Braise; Stew; Marinate & Grill


  • Ribeye- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Prime Rib Roast- Dry Roast
  • Back Ribs- Grill; Smoke; Broil


  • NY Strip- Grill; Pan Sear


  • Sirloin Steak- Marinate & Grill; Stir Fry
  • Sirloin Roast- Dry Roast


  • Filet Mignon- Grill; Pan Sear & Roast
  • Chateaubriand- Roast

Top Sirloin

  • Culotte Steak- Grill; Pan Sear

Bottom Sirloin

  • Tritip- Smoke; Marinate & Roast


  • Top Round Steak- Marinate & Gril; Tartare
  • Bottom Round Roast- Marinate & Roast; Stir Fry
  • Eye of Round Steak- Marinate & Grill; Roast; Hot Pot


  • Crosscut Beef Shank- Braise; Stew


  • Brisket- Smoke; Braise


  • Short Ribs (Flanken Cut)- Marinate & Grill
  • Short Ribs (Braising Cut)- Braise; Stew
  • Skirt Steak- Marinate & Grill
  • Plate- Braise; Stew; Slice Thin & Grill


  • Flank Steak- Grill
  • Bavette Steak (Flap Steak)- Grill


  • Crosscut Beef Shank- Braise; Stew

Pono Farm's beef program is comprised of Wagyu genetics that originated in Japan, and proven Red Angus breeders sourced from Central Oregon. Both cattle breeds are well known for producing high quality beef. 

Our cattle is raised on grass pastures, and later finished on a diet of high-protein, non-GMO hay grown without the use of chemical pesticides. They are fed out slowly for a period of time ranging from 24 to 30 months. We use Wagyu genetics to achieve a level of intramuscular marbling that is often not possible without incorporating corn or other grains in the animals' diet. Grass-fed beef is recognized as having many nutritional benefits, including high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA’s (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

pono steak

Each carcass is hung and dry-aged between 14 and 21 days to optimize the taste and tenderness of the meat. Once broken down into primals, our butchers skillfully separate the muscles into smaller cuts for our retail cases. We utilize the entire carcass, and are therefore able to feature items not often found in the meat section of the grocery store such as chuckeye, culotte, and denver steaks. 

Our beef is never frozen and vacuum-sealed to ensure optimal quality for our customers. Since we work with the whole carcass, we have limited availability and do sell out of popular cuts. If you're looking for something that is not in our cases, please don't hesitate to inquire. We are happy to take custom orders ahead of time, so keep us in mind for your next special occasion. 

Our Pork


With our pork, we focus on raising a variety of heritage (Old World) breeds consisting of primarily Berkshire (Kurobuta) and Red Wattle genetics. Berkshire is sought after for its tenderness and high marbling while Red Wattle is renowned for its dark robust meat. Over the years, we have created our own custom boars and sows of mixed genetics, isolating particular qualities we value, such as meaty bellies (for bacon, of course), tenderness, marbling, and good temperament (our farmers are in close contact with these animals, after all). 

At Pono Farm, our pigs’s feet never touch concrete or slatted floors, and our sows are never confined to farrowing crates. We grow our animals slowly on pasture without the use of antibiotics, administered hormones, or steroids. They are fed a plant-based diet we have optimized over the years, consisting mainly of premium hay (grown by our neighbors) and rounded out with seasonal produce (such as pumpkins in the fall) and a small amount of grain. This balanced diet ensures the animals are getting all the necessary nutrients while enhancing the flavor of the meat. 

We raise our hogs far beyond industry standards, waiting until they reach 10 months before slaughter. Though it takes longer to harvest our pork than commercial pork, we believe it is worth the extra time and work because of the quality of the meat produced and the quality of life for our animals. Our goal is to reintroduce the kind of pork that was grown before the days of genetically-enhanced "commercial" hogs that grow rapidly with the boost of administered drugs and produce bland tasting meat. Our hogs are kept happy and healthy with very little stress, and the result is flavorful and wholesome meat.

Pono pork is not only healthier but also richer and more flavorful. Whether you’re looking to prepare a quick weeknight dinner of tender pork chops, or to fire up your smoker for some juicy spare ribs, we have you covered. If you are looking for a roast of a specific size or another cut that you don't see in our case, don't hesitate to place a special order with our staff. One benefit of working with the whole carcass is that we butcher it to best suit our customers' needs. 

Processed Meats

Pono Farm also features a selection of cured and smoked meats—we like to take it one step further by processing our meats into a variety of tasty products. Our shop utilizes two smokers that work around the clock burning apple and cherry wood which impart an authentic smoke flavor while slowly cooking our meats. 

Our apple cider brined ham. 
Our famous brown sugar bacon.

Our shop specializes in producing several types of bacon from different parts of the hog including the belly (traditional), jowl (richer), and shoulder (meatier), depending on your preference. Another staple is our BBQ pulled pork, which is smoked low and slow with a dusting of BBQ rub, pulled off the bone, and packaged for your convenience. We also offer a rotating selection of smoked sausages as well as smoked hams brined in apple cider. Other favorites are beef and pork jerky, pastrami, pepperoni sticks, and ham hocks.