Our Beef

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Cow Cow-1


  • Chuck Roast- Brise; Roast
  • Chuckeye Steak- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Denver Steak- Grill; Yakiniku; Hot Pot
  • Flatiron- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Crossrib Steak- Marinate & Grill
  • Country Style Rib- Braise; Stew; Marinate & Grill


  • Ribeye- Grill; Pan Sear
  • Prime Rib Roast- Dry Roast
  • Back Ribs- Grill; Smoke; Broil


  • NY Strip- Grill; Pan Sear


  • Sirloin Steak- Marinate & Grill; Stir Fry
  • Sirloin Roast- Dry Roast


  • Fillet Mignon- Grill; Pan Sear & Roast
  • Chateubriand- Roast

Top Sirloin

  • Coulette Steak- Grill; Pan Sear

Bottom Sirloin

  • Tritip- Smoke; Marinate & Roast


  • Top Round Steak- Marinate & Gril; Tartare
  • Bottom Round Roast- Marinate & Roast; Stir Fry
  • Eye of Round Steak- Marinate & Grill; Roast; Hot Pot


  • Crosscut Beef Shank- Braise; Stew


  • Brisket- Smoke; Braise


  • Short Ribs (Flanken Cut)- Marinate & Grill
  • Short Ribs (English Cut)- Braise; Stew
  • Skirt Steak- Marinate & Grill
  • Plate- Braise; Stew; Slice Thin & Grill


  • Flank Steak- Grill
  • Bavette Steak (Flap Steak)- Grill


  • Crosscut Beef Shank- Braise; Stew

Pono Farm & Fine Meats beef program is comprised of Wagyu genetics that originated in Japan, and proven Red Angus breeders sourced from Central Oregon. Both cattle breeds are well known for producing quality beef. 

Our cattle are raised on pasture grazing on grass, and later finished on a diet of high protein, non-GMO hay grown without the use of chemical pesticides. They are fed out long and slow for a period ranging between 24 to 30 months. The Wagyu genetics add a level of intramuscular marbling that is often not possible to achieve without incorporating corn or other grains into the diet. Grass-fed beef is recognized as having many nutritional benefits, including high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA’s (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

pono steak

Each carcass is hung and dry-aged between 14 and 21 days to optimize the taste and tenderness of the meat. Once broken down into primals, our butchers skillfully separate the muscles into smaller cuts for our retail case. We utilize the entire carcass, and are therefore able to feature items not often found in the meat section of the grocery store such as Flatiron, Chuckeye, and Coulotte. 

Our beef is never frozen to ensure optimal quality for our customers. Due to our old-fashioned butchering techniques and limited availability, some cuts may not always be stocked in our meat case. We do accept orders in advance, so give us a call if you're planning a special meal for your family or guests.   

Our Pork

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pig pig-1


  • Slice Thin & Grill; Cure & Smoke

Boston Butt (Blade)

  • Shoulder Roast - Smoke; Braise
  • Shoulder Steak - Grill; Pan Sear & Braise
  • Center Trimmed Shoulder - Roast; Smoke

Picnic Shoulder (Arm)

  • Shoulder Roast - Smoke; Braise
  • Cross Cut Hock - Braise; Stew


  • Loin Chops - Grill; Pan Sear
  • Loin Roast - Dry Roast; Smoke
  • Back Ribs - Smoke; Grill; Broil
  • Sirloin - Marinate & Grill


  • Belly - Braise; Cure & Smoke
  • Spareribs - Smoke; Grill; Broil


  • Ham Roast - Smoke; Roast
  • Eye of Round - Marinate & Grill
  • Cross Cut Hock - Braise; Stew


Pono Farm's pork consists of mainly Berkshire and Red Wattle genetics. These "Old World" breeds are known for their superior meat quality. We grow our hogs slowly on pasture without the use of antibiotics, administered hormones, or steroids. At Pono Farm, our pig’s feet never touch concrete or slatted floors, and our sows are never confined to farrowing crates. Our hogs are kept happy with very little stress, and the result is flavorful and succulent pork featuring a nice rosy color.

Our pigs are fed a premium plant-based diet consisting mainly of hay and wheat. Hogs are happiest when their bellies are full, and that is what we strive for. Fall harvest time brings an abundance of crops, and we feature pork finished on fruits and pumpkins provided by other farmer friends.

We are attempting to reintroduce the kind of pork that was grown before the days of genetically enhanced, "commercial" hogs that grow rapidly with the boost of administered drugs that results in a very lean and bland tasting meat. 

Pork is a very versatile meat where the fat provides great flavor for any dish. Whether you plan on firing up the grill or smoker, our meat case features an assortment of chops and roasts.

Processed Meats

Pono Farm also features a selection of smoked meats and items that have had time to cure—we like to take it one step further by processing our meats into a finished products. Our shop utilizes two smokers that work around the clock burning applewood, which imparts an authentic smoke flavor while slowly cooking our meats. 

Our shop specializes in producing several types of bacon from different parts of the hog including the belly (traditional), jowl (richer flavor), and shoulder (leaner), depending on your preference. We also offer a rotating selection of smoked sausages as well as smoked hams brined in apple cider. Other favorites often found in the shop are smoked pulled pork, beef and pork jerky, pastrami, smoked brisket, ham hocks, and lard.

Whole/Half Hog Purchase

At Pono Farm, we raise our animals sustainably on pasture without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. We ensure our animals are healthy and enjoy a good quality of life by feeding them premium hay over a long period of time and providing them with fresh water sourced from Opal Springs. We grow our animals to full maturity not only because we believe in humane farming practices, but also because it allows them to develop highly-prized intramuscular marbling and a more complex flavor in their meat, which simply can’t be achieved by conventional farming. 

With our pork, the focus is raising a variety of heritage (Old World) breeds consisting of primarily Berkshire (Kurobuta) and Red Wattle genetics. Berkshire is sought after for its tenderness and high marbling while Red Wattle is renowned for its dark robust meat. Over the years, we have created our own custom boars and sows of mixed genetics, isolating particular qualities we value, such as meaty bellies (for bacon, of course), tenderness, marbling, and good temperament (our farmers are in close contact with these animals, after all). We feed our hogs a diet we have optimized over the years, consisting mainly of premium hay (grown by our neighbors) and rounded out with seasonal produce and a small amount of grain. This balanced diet ensures the animals are getting all the necessary nutrients while enhancing the flavor of the meat. We raise our hogs far beyond industry standards, waiting until they reach 10 months before slaughter.

Custom USDA Hog Pricing

Hogs can be purchased half or whole, priced according to their hot hanging weight. The hot hanging weight is the weight of the carcass recorded at a USDA slaughterhouse after slaughter, once the head and organs have been removed. Pricing is as follows: 

  • Deposit: $200 for a half hog; $400 for a whole hog
    • The deposit will be deducted from your total cost
  • Purchase: $4 per pound of hot hanging weight

    • You may purchase the carcass as is and butcher and process it yourself. It comes halved from the slaughterhouse, with head, trotters, and skin removed. 

  • Cutting & Packaging: $1.20 per pound of hot hanging weight

    • The carcasses are transported to our shop in Bend, where our team skillfully butchers and processes them fresh, within 48 hours. Your order is completely customizable according to your specifications. The meat is vacuum-sealed in small packages for optimal freshness and convenience.

  • Processing: $3 per pound
    • We charge $3/lb for any processed cut you wish to receive, such as bacon, ham, pastrami, pulled pork, or sausage. 

Our sausages are made in small batches. We weigh all the spices fresh for each batch, ensuring top quality. Our bacon is cured for two weeks using the saltbox method in a mixture of brown sugar, salt, fresh herbs, and a touch of garlic. Our hams are brined in apple cider for one week. Our pork pastrami spends one week in an aromatic brine seasoned with pickling spice, garlic, bay leaves, and honey before being dusted with a mixture of roasted coriander and black pepper. Our pulled pork is made from whole bone-in muscles dusted with our house BBQ rub, smoked until falling-off-the-bone tender and shredded by hand. All of these meats are smoked low-and-slow overnight over apple and cherry wood. 

For every 10 pounds of meat, you may select one of the following sausages:

Fresh Sausage in Bulk or Links

  • Country Farm Regular 
  • Country Farm Spicy
  • Spicy Breakfast 
  • Maple Breakfast 
  • Chorizo
  • Sweet Italian
  • Hot Italian

Smoked Sausage in Links

  • Chorizo
  • Andouille

In keeping with our sustainable approach, we operate as close to zero-waste as possible, rendering pork fat into lard, and simmering bones to produce flavorful stock.

You will receive the following with your order:

  • Lard: 5 quarts for half a hog; 10 quarts for a whole hog
  • Stock: 5 quarts for half a hog; 10 quarts for a whole hog

Please note: We offer this service for your convenience. If you wish to render your own lard or produce your own stock, we can provide you with the fat and bones—but this will be tricky to do in a home kitchen.

Hog Breakdown

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