Our Farm


For Pono Farm, the arduous process of producing fine meats began by sourcing only the highest quality genetics over many years to establish our breeding foundation. Through the course of many generations of livestock, our farm has constantly evolved our herd via selective breeding with the goal of maximizing quality meat characteristics. 

The animals produced on our farm and processed in our butcher shop are raised in a responsible and sustainable manner. We never administer any antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids to speed up the process. Instead, we allow our animals to eat and grow slowly in ample space, eliminating the need for unnecessary medication often required with overcrowding.

At Pono Farm, we understand that the quality of our animals' feed and water will have a direct result on the flavor, quality, and nutritional value of the meat they produce. Therefore, we keep our animals content throughout their entire lifecycle by giving them a generous amount of premium feed over a longer period of time compared to conventional farms. They spend their days digesting their feed and relaxing while drinking water sourced from Opal Springs. Our animals live happy and healthy lives, which is evident in the flavor and quality of our meats.

We rotate our herds on different pastures throughout the summer, which helps rejuvenate the soil. Our pastures are fertilized organically from manure that is a byproduct of our hormone-free livestock. To get our animals through the winter and to provide them additional hay, we work closely with a local farmer who supplies us with a mixture of premium non-GMO hay grown without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides. This mixture of hay is high protein which not only helps our animals get through winter, but also builds the intramuscular fat for the animals that are in the finishing program, resulting in spectacular marbling for grass feeding.

Once the animals have reached full maturity and have had time to develop intramuscular fat, they are harvested and transported to our butcher shop on a weekly basis. Our traditional cutting program utilizes the whole carcass, from nose to tail. We make sure that nothing from the animal is wasted; bones are used to produce stock, fat is rendered for oil, trim is used for sausages, and offal is ground to make raw dog food.  

Pono Origins

"Pono" is a Hawaiian word whose exact definition or meaning must be determined from the context, however it is most often translated in English as "righteousness or having high moral quality." We feel that this single word encapsulates our philosophy and methods of raising our animals and butchering the meat for our customers. We hope our customers will experience and enjoy the quality of meat produced in the "Pono" way.