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Wagyu-Angus Beef: 100% Grass-fed or Grain-finished 


Our beef is sold by the live weight, which will range between 1600-2000 lbs. Live weight is approximately twice as much as hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass recorded at the slaughterhouse, once the head and organs have been removed. Pricing is as follows: 

  • Deposit: $1000 for a whole beef

    • The deposit will be deducted from your total cost

  • Purchase: 

    • 100% Grass-fed: $2.25/lb live weight

    • Grass-fed, grain-finished: $3.25/lb live weight

  • Cutting & Wrap: Market Rate at Local Slaughterhouse

For a beef that is 1800 lbs live weight (which is about average), you will receive approximately 450 lbs of meat.

Price Ranges (excluding cut and wrap):
100% Grass-fed:  $3,600-$4500 Grain-finished: $5,200-$6,500

To reserve your custom beef, please email

These animals will be available in about one year.