Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef

We are offering our lowest prices. After we close our shop in October, it will be a minimum of one year before we can do custom beef orders. 


Beef can be purchased by the whole, half or quarter, priced according to its hot hanging weight. The hot hanging weight is the weight of the carcass recorded at a slaughterhouse after slaughter, once the head and organs have been removed. Pricing is as follows: 

  • Deposit: $250 for a quarter; $500 for half; $1000 for a whole beef
    • The deposit will be deducted from your total cost
  • Purchase: $4 per pound of hot hanging weight (hanging weight ranges between 800-1000 lbs)

    • You may purchase the carcass as is and butcher and process it yourself. It comes in quarters and we will dry age for you. 

  • Cutting & Packaging: $1.20 per pound of hot hanging weight

    • The carcasses are skillfully butchered and processed after dry aging at our facility in Bend. Your order is completely customizable according to your specifications. The meat is vacuum-sealed in small packages for optimal freshness and convenience.

  • Slaughter Fee: $22.50 (quarter), $45 (half), $90 (whole)
    • This small fee is simply to cover the cost of having the animal slaughtered.

To maximize the variety of cuts, we will divide up a side of beef between two customers for all Quarter Beef Orders. This means each customer will enjoy cuts from both the forequarter and hindquarter of the beef.

For a beef that is 900 lbs hot hanging weight (which is about average), you will receive approximately:
 Quarter:      110 lbs of meat                     Half:            225 lbs of meat                          Whole:        450 lbs of meat

Price Ranges (depending on size of beef):
Quarter:       $1,065-$1,600                      Half:           $2,125-$3,175                             Whole:       $4,250-$6,330

E-mail the completed form to, stop in our shop, or place your order by calling  (541)330-6328.

Please allow a month to process an order in order to account for scheduling slaughter, dry aging, cutting and packaging. Order must be picked up at our shop in Bend.