Butcher Shops

Our butcher shop is the next progression at Pono Farm, where we skillfully break down and process the carcasses produced by our farm. Our beef carcasses are hung on the rail and dry aged to enhance taste and tenderness before butchering. The beef carcass is comprised of many different muscles and each has a unique characteristic of size, taste, and tenderness. Once properly aged, out butcher breaks down the beef carcass and fills the case with cuts from the entire animal.

pono meat being cut
pono meat

Our hogs are broken into primals within a couple days of being slaughtered. From there, they are cut into chops and roasts. Often times the belly, jowl, and shoulder are cured and smoked with applewood to produce different types of bacon to suit your palate. Our smoker also produces lovely hams and smoked sausages from our delicious pasture-raised hogs.   

All meat is cut, ground, cured, and smoked in-house. We fill our cases with a fresh selection of steaks, chops, roasts, grinds, and processed items including jerky, sandwich meats, and smoked sausages.  

pono butcher process

Since we are a whole-carcass butcher shop, some cuts may not be available on a daily basis. With proper notice, our butchers can take advance orders or special requests for those hard-to-find cuts.

You can place an order or visit our butcher shops in Bend or in Portland.