Pono Farm is a restaurant, butcher shop, and farmers market fixture that prepares and sells products sourced from animals raised sustainably on our farm in Central Oregon. We are the ultimate in Northwest farm-to-table dining.

Our Farm

Our farm specializes in producing premium Wagyu and Red Angus beef, Heritage pork, and eggs from healthy chickens raised naturally on pasture and without the use of antibiotics, administered growth hormones, or steroids. All animals from our farm are fed out slowly on a wholesome and abundant diet consisting primarily of grass grown without the use of pesticides throughout their entire lifecycle, resulting in a flavorful and delectable final product. Once our animals have reached full maturity, they are taken to a USDA inspected abattoir. Carcasses are then brought to our facility in Bend where they are skillfully butchered and processed. 

Our Butcher Shops

Our butcher shops in Bend and Portland utilize the entire carcass, which means that our cases feature a variety of fine meats including uncommon cuts not found in most markets. By overseeing the entire process, we can ensure that our customers are receiving a quality product that was raised and processed with integrity and is as healthful as it is appetizing.

Our Restaurants

In addition to our farm and butcher shops, we also run well-loved restaurants in Bend and Portland that feature our fresh, local, pasture-raised meat. Visit us anytime for a taste of why responsibly raised meat makes ALL the difference.