Pono Farm is a butcher shop,deli luncheon, and farmers market fixture that prepares and sells products sourced from animals raised sustainably on our farm in Central Oregon. We are the ultimate in Northwest farm-to-table dining.

Our Farm


Our farm specializes in producing premium Wagyu and Red Angus beef, Heritage pork, and eggs from healthy chickens raised sustainably on pasture and without the use of antibiotics, administered growth hormones, or steroids. We ensure our animals are healthy and enjoy a good quality of life by feeding them premium pesticide-free grass and hay over their entire lifecycle and providing them with fresh water sourced from Opal Springs. We grow our animals to full maturity not only because we believe in humane farming practices, but also because it allows them to develop highly-prized intramuscular marbling and a more complex flavor in their meat, which simply can’t be achieved by conventional farming. Once our animals have reached full maturity, they are taken to a USDA-inspected abattoir. 

Our Butcher Shop & Kitchen


Carcasses are transported to our Bend butcher shop, where they are broken down for our kitchens and meat cases. Our butcher shop features cuts from the entire carcass, which means that our cases showcase a large variety of cuts not found in most markets. By overseeing the entire process, we ensure that our customers receive a product of superior quality that was raised and processed with integrity. 

Our deli shop offers casual counter service, featuring burgers, hot sandwiches, and plate specials showcasing deli meats processed in-house. Visit us for a taste of why responsibly-raised meat makes ALL the difference. 

PSU Farmer's market


Every Saturday, we bring our freshly butchered meats & processed items to PSU Farmer's market. You can find rotational beef & pork cuts suitable for grilling, roasting, braising. Processed meats such as smoked bacon, ham, pastrami, roast beef, linked & fresh sausages...etc. Also, our farm fresh chicken eggs!

Be sure to check out our concession food. Menu varies weekly, featuring burgers, sandwiches & tacos utilizing meats all processed in-house. 

Any inquiries for special orders or information regarding our retail meats, please contact Camille at Camille@ponofarm.com